Message from Mark HV Corps, IFI Angling Advisor

The Laune has a run of both early salmon and sea trout but most of these move quickly through the river and into the Killarney lakes. The best chance of connecting with one of these fish is to be on the river soon after high water at Killorglin and good fish are regularly met by members who get the timing right as was the case in the last two weeks of May in 2011.  In late May early June there are always stories of really big fish being met when fish in double figures are regularly caught.

In late June early July the Grilse arrive and fishing can be exciting.  From August on the river fills with fish and the fishing at times can be spectacular.  At this time after any dry spell you can expect to meet a number of fish.  It is true to say that the Laune is only coming into its own after the rivers in Galway, Mayo are quieting down. Though the rivers Gweestin, Keel and Gaddagh feed into the main channel and can dirty the waters for a short period as the river is mainly lake fed it is seldom unfishable even after the worst the weather can throw at it.

Designated car parks along the river make it easily accessible. There are also a number of disabled stands available for use on the Laune Salmon & Trout Anglers Association water. The river is a pretty meandering middle sized river with some excellent fly water. The river can be covered comfortably with a single handed 9 ft 6 in rod (ATFM 7 / 8) however double handed rods to 13ft could make the fishing easier and locals nearly all fish with 15ft rods especially when the river is high. Though spey casting is always an advantage there are few places that necessitate this on the Laune.

The river is relatively shallow so a floating or sink tip line would cover most eventualities. As for flies any of the modern Irish shrimp patterns will catch fish as the more popular patterns such as the Ally’s shrimp, cascade and collie dog. Spinning and worming are also allowed. However the fishing of Prawn and shrimp is banned. Permits are available (Some restrictions in September) Local Guides are available and can be contacted via Mobile and email.

Mark Corps
Inland Fisheries Ireland
Angling Advisor

Tim Smith, Editor Today’s Flyfisher

English man Tim Smith was introduced to the river Laune some years ago, and having fallen in love with the river from the moment he set foot on its banks, he is now a regular visitor.

Tim, who is Editor of the British Angling Magazine, Today’s Flyfisher, paid his most recent visit to the Laune this April and was rewarded with a freshly-run salmon on the Johnston Fishery. Tim sportingly returned the fish to the waters of the Laune.

When asked how he would describe the river Laune, Tim had this to say . . . .
“It is an intimate river, easy to fish, has lots of character, great variation of fly pools, is set in a beautifully scenic location and I just love fishing it.’’

The welcome he receives from local anglers is another reason why Tim keeps returning.

“Every time I visit the Laune, I feel very welcome and the local anglers are very accommodating,’’ says Tim.

(Our thanks to Today’s Flyfisher for permission to reproduce pictures).