​Laune Salmon & Trout Anglers' Association Rules & Regulations

The following Association Regulations shall be strictly observed by all anglers​​

-   A vehicle which has not a current association Car sticker or permit displayed shall not be
Driven on to any association fishery.

-  Association fisheries shall not be accessed from any Fishery, which is not an association fishery, except where agreed legal right of access exists.

-  Where an 8.00 a.m. start applies to a fishery, this means that this fishery shall not be entered before 8:00 a.m.

-  Fishing of shrimp or prawn strictly prohibited.

-  An angler may carry two rods, but only one shall be used at any one time.

-  An angler shall not hold a pool when other anglers are following and waiting to fish that pool.

-  Cars shall not be driven on to pastureland.

-  Do not cause obstruction when parking car.

-  Don’t discard hooks, nylon, rod binding or litter of any kind on riverbank. Please protect environment.

Start times

Do NOT enter or fish the following fisheries before 8.00 A.M.

1. Breen's - Coolmagort.

2. Coffey's - Knockane House Carhoobeg.

3. Clifford's - Ards.

4. Joy's - Tullig House

5. Johnston's - Dungeel.

6. Heffernans - Dungeel.

Beat 3 of the State Fishery has an 8.00 A.M. start

Fishing may commence on all other Association waters at 6.00 A.M.