Permits and State Licence Outlets

Visitor Daily Permits:

Prices for 2018

Up to 31st July

1 Day                  €25.00
7 Day Permit:   €140.0

August & September

Visitor Daily Permits:

1 Day                   €35.00

7 Day Permit:   €210.00

Allows the holder to fish Laune Salmon & Trout Anglers’ Association waters. Check availability of tickets in advance.


Special Offer for 2018:  The majestic McGillycuddy Reeks near Kilorglin provides the scenic backdrop for your fishing adventure with Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers' Association in 2018.  Enjoy a weeks membership and a guide provided for your first day.  €270 up to the end of July 2018. €340 for August and September 2018.


Start Times: 

Generally there is an 8am start to fishing on Laune Anglers waters.  This is the time when you can enter a fishery.  For details of earlier start times email the secretary.

Restriction for 2018:

From Wednesday 16th to 30th September 2018, permit holders are not allowed to fish Charlie Johnston's Fishery at Dungeel.  No restriction applies to any other Laune Anglers Fishery available to permit holders.

Fish Fluke; Gyrodactlus Salaris:

We ask all visiting anglers to be on their guard, particularly foreign anglers coming to fish in Ireland or Irish anglers returning from countries where the parasite is now endemic. (Click on the link below to see map).

Sterilising Options for Fish Fluke:

Drying to a minimum of 20 degrees for at least 2 days.
Heating to above 60 degrees for at least one hour.
Deep freezing for at least one day.
Immersion for 10 minutes in a sodium chloride (common salt) 3% solution.


Bag Limits:

Salmon: State Regulations

Sea Trout: 3 per day

Brown Trout: 4 per day, 10 inches. Brown Trout fishing is 'fly only' single handed rod.

Permits available at:


Nauntinane,  Killorglin. from Billy Cotter

Mobile Phone/Cell Phone: 087 2105080

Killorglin Area  -- Michael O'Shea
Mobile Phone/Cell Phone:  087 2213835

* O'Neill's Plunkett St Killarney

* Landers Outdoor World

   Mile Height, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

 *O’Sullivan’s Foodstore
   Beaufort.  (Across the road from  Beaufort Bridge).

State Licences available.

A visitor may purchase a 21-Day or a 1 Day State Licence:
This Licence to fish for salmon and sea trout may be purchased at above outlets marked with *.  The licence allows purchaser to legally fish for salmon and sea trout throughout the country.

Salmon Licence Fees (2018)

All Districts ( i.e. all Regions) Annual €100
One District, Annual: €56
All districts, 21 Days: €40
All districts, 1 Day: €20
Juvenile (under the age of 18 years) All Districts Annual: €10

Buy your Salmon Licence Online


Laune Anglers Guides:

o Billy Cotter             Mob: 087 2105080    Email:

o Michael O'Shea     Mob: 087 2213835    Email:
o John Scanlan        Mob: 087 9667803    Email:

o Damien O'Brien    Mob: 087 7673157    Email:

   (Game Angling Instructors' Association Qualified Casting Instructor / Guided Fishing)

o John O'Neill          Mob: 086 2055352    Email:

               (Game Angling Instructors' Association Fishing Guide Fly Casting Instructor)