Local Tips and Information:    (Illustrations Coming Soon)


Salmon season on the river Laune opens on January 17 and closes on September 30

  * Please Note *

Shrimp of Prawn - Natural or Artificial - Shall not be fished on 
Association waters at any time during the season.


Permitted Fishing Baits:

Fly - Spinning - Worms.

Recommended Baits:

Flies:  In the last few years almost all local anglers are fishing the Cascade Shrimp fly or a variant of it It has been very noticeable that in recent years all flies are 'sparkling' So you could have confidence in any pattern tied from Peter O'Rielly's book Flies of Ireland as long as you incorporate some gold, silver, green or red micro flash into the tails or underwing. The more traditional patterns such as the Uske Grub, Ally Shrimp, Hairy Mary, Garry Dog, Blue Charm will also work. Even after very high water the river Laune clears very quickly and can be perfect for fly the next day.   From 4 to 3 feet on the gauge size 6 to 8 with longish tails would be recommended in lower clearer water size 12 to 14 tied sparse and short.
Spoons: Popular brands of spoons fished are copper and silver, copper and bronze, silver and bronze, blue and silver. Most well known brand names can be successful on the river Laune.  The ubiquitous Flying 'C' in any colour that you  fancy with silver or copper blade will work, weight will depend on water height.
Minnows:  Fishing tackle stores stock locally-made minnows which are most productive on the Laune. Basic colours are brown/gold and black/gold. Size to fish will depend on water levels, but smaller sizes tend to be more productive.

  What Fly?

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All the flies in these boxes will catch salmon on the Laune.  Sizes can range from 6 to 14 depending on water level and clarity.  Most of the flies are tied on Treble hooks or Doubles.



This battle-scarred Uske Grub was tied by former association chairman, Killorglin-born Tom O’Reilly.
Tom has a knowledge of his local river which is second to none.


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