Beat Three of Laune State Fishery


Beat Three commences at Beaufort Bridge (right bank only) and continues for 2 miles to the Townland of Lahard.

Beat Three of the Laune Fishery, which is managed by the Laune Salmon & Trout Anglers’ Association, is one section of the Laune fishery which was bequeathed to the Irish nation by Senator Arthur Rose Vincent in conjunction with William Bowers Bourn and Agnes M. Bourn, in the Bourn Vincent Memorial Park Act, 1932.

Under the Act, the Trustee of the Fishery, on behalf of the people of Ireland, is the Minister for Finance of the day, and the management and control of the State Fishery is vested in the Office of Public Works.

Sat Nav Co-ordinates for Beaufort Bridge Car Park and Permit Sales:    52   4   31.058         -9   37   55.276

Daily Permit Charges 2015

€25.00 - Salmon

€15.00 - Juveniles/OAP

€10.00 - Trout Fly Rod - Fly Only on Single Handed Rod, on Single Hooks, no larger than size 10 . Bag Limit 4 trout, minimum size, 10 inches.

Permits can be purchased from O'Sullivan's Shop at  Beaufort Bridge. No fishing before 8am.

   Beat Three Photographs

  • Below Bridge Pool in Extremely low water conditions
  • View from Island Pool towards Beaufort  bridge
  • Fishing Poll Cloch
  • In the Wood
  • Water Scorpion

Saturday 11th August 2012 Running repairs to big bridge between O'Sullivan's and Pat Breen's.  Replacement of handrails, non slip wire, and levelling of bridge.  Laying down new walkways through swamp and a new bridge over stream below the Island Pool.  Members involved:  Patrick Richard, Mike Collins, Dr james O'Sullivan, Billy Cotter, Raymond Brett,  Jim Flinders missing from photo Billy Downes.


Voluntary service to the State  2005

Members of the Laune Salmon & Trout Anglers’ Association providing a voluntary service to the State in replacing a footbridge on Beat Three of the Laune Fishery.

Replacement Walkways and Stiles on Beat 3

Over the past few weeks the whole Committee have been working on Walkways to replace the ones that were removed from Beat 3 last year.  The walkways were re-installed on the 22nd of June.

A very fine stile has been installed at the boundary ditch between Breen's and Buckley's.  These improvements add greatly to the accessibility of the lower sections of the Beat. 

Committee Members: Front L to R. Richard Bowler, Stewart Stephens, (Chairman) Mike Collins (Vice Chairman) Back, Denis O'Connor, Richard Barry, Noel Burke, Mike Crowley.

Far Left: Big Bridge on Beat 3 Demolished, March 2010

Near Left: Bridge  After Restoration, April 2010

Installation of Lifebuoys

Photo shows the first of 20 Lifebuoys being put up on Laune Anglers fisheries. 

The installation of Lifebuoy Rings and Holders is part of a three year Development Plan submitted to Killarney National Park in February 2008.

L to R. Mike Collins, Mike Shea, Committee members, Stewart Stephens, Chairman. Mick Spillane, Vice Chairman.

May 2014 

Photos of repairs to walk ways and bridges in the wood in Baet 3.  These repairs and replacements will make a journey to the lower fishery a lot easier.