About Us

Documentary evidence is available to certify that the Laune Anglers’ Association existed as an active fishing club on the river Laune in the year 1912, but later became dormant.

The Association was re-established under the title Laune Salmon Anglers’ Association, with its headquarters in Milltown, Co. Kerry.

The Christian Brothers in Milltown; the Parish Priest of Milltown, Fr. J. McCloskey, and Secondary School Teacher Gabriel Gallagher, were mainly responsible for the active re-emergence of the club. Though the club was officially re-named ‘The Laune Salmon Anglers’ Association’ in 1963, it is still referred to locally, and throughout the county, as ‘The Milltown Club’, due to having its roots in Milltown.

Founder members:
Existing records show that, in the year 1963, the following were responsible for the Association’s active resurgence:

Rev. Father J. McCloskey, P.P., Milltown.

Rev. Brother Benildus, Milltown.

Rev. Brother Wilfred, Milltown.

Rev. Brother Nilus, Milltown.

Mortimer Moriarty, Ballymalis, Beaufort, Killarney.

Thomas Corcoran, The Mall, Keel, Castlemaine.

Patrick Murphy, Milltown.

Gabriel Gallagher, Tralee Road, Castlemaine.

In 1963, the rejuvenated Association had a membership of 30, which reached 100 by 1969 and today stands at over 200. That membership includes 50 teenagers.

The Association, having affiliated to the Munster Regional Trout Angling Council, added ‘And Trout’ to its title. This saw the association re-named ‘The Laune Salmon & Trout Anglers’ Association’, a name which it retains to this day.